Blue Wave Shipping is the entity of an open dry cargo freight market of Mediterranean geographical section, which serve the ports of the Mediterranean Sea, including the Black and Azov Sea.

Through the ports of the section are being imported such cargoes as grain and coal, ore, finished products and also are being exported the agricultural products, raw materials, coal, metals, fertilizers, timber and other goods.

The company owns 14 dry-cargo vessels of "Omskiy" type. Vessels of “Omskiy” type (project 1743, 1743.1 и 1743.7) are large dry-cargo vessels, which have 4 holds with hatch covers, double boards и double bottom, engine room and superstructure in stern.

This type of vessels intended for transportation of general and bulk cargoes, including coal, grain, timber, and containers in the holds and on hatch covers.

Project 1743.1 Project RSD08

The company pays great importance to maintaining the seaworthiness of its vessels and spends funds to modernize its fleet on increasing of its carrying capacity. For m/v Smart and m/v Lazurit was performed a support of hull and increasing of coaming’s height on 330 mm.

For m/v Altair and m/v Antares coamings was increased to 2400mm, and for m/v Amethyst, Diamond, Sapphire and Emerald coamings was increased to 1000 mm.
In 2004 the company built tug boat "Delta" with a total power of engines 220 kW.
In 2010 has been completed construction of a new cargo vessel «Ommax» project RSD08.
In 2014 the company began construction of tug "Typhoon" with a total power of engines 352 kW, the completion of construction is planned in 2015.


The company's fleet is divided into categories depending on the deadweight.


You can contact the freight department of Blue Wave Shipping for more detailed information about possibility and cost of services by following telephones: +7 (86342) 5-26-26; 5-12-84; 4-15-14; 5-12-65 and e-mails:,

To speed up the processing of request is needed the information about planned dates of shipment, port of departure and port of destination, the nomenclature and quantity of cargo and its stowage factor.


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